On Listening

There is a fundamental correlation between progress and your capacity to listen. By listening, I’m not referring to following what you are being told, quite the opposite. I’m referring to getting the most that you can —thoughts, experiences, knowledge, advice— from as many people as you have access to that might have something interesting to […]

Αντί Επαγγελματικού Προσανατολισμού – Για Εφήβους

Μου ανατέθηκε πρότινος να δώσω σύντομη ομιλία σε κοινό εφήβων αναφορικά με τον επαγγελματικό τους προσανατολισμό. Κατέληξα να αποφύγω κάποια αναφορά σε συγκεκριμένο κλάδο, για παράδειγμα το τεχνολογικό επιχειρείν και αντί αυτού να εστιάσω σε τροφή για ευρύτερη σκέψη. Ίσως τελικά ανέφερα εκείνα που πρόσφατα συνειδητοποιώ ότι θα ήθελα να είχα ακούσει στην ηλικία αυτή. […]

Εκλογές 2012 – Τι θα ψηφίσω και γιατί

Μία κρίση έχει και αρκετά καλά, ένα από αυτά είναι ότι αναγκάζει κίνητρα και προτεραιότητες να αναδυθούν, η αλήθεια επικρατεί της επικοινωνίας. Υπό το πρίσμα αυτό, τα τελευταία 2-3 χρόνια υπήρξαν διαφωτιστικά -για τη γενιά μου το δίχως άλλο- ανεξαρτήτως καταβολών και προδιάθεσης. Στις ακόλουθες σειρές επιχειρώ να συνοψίσω την απόλυτα υποκειμενική μου θέαση των […]

From Doer to Leader

Getting from a couple of entrepreneurs to a team of 5 or 20 employees is one of the most difficult tasks startup founders are facing. I call this the transition from being a doer to becoming a manager and then, eventually, a leader. In this post, I will try to provide some reasons why, next […]

In Search For A Model

I have lately been a witness to a growing contradiction in the local startup ecosystem. With this post, I would like to call this discord out; I hope it might be of value. By nature, entrepreneurship (or life, if you will) is about finding the right balance in a growing variety of issues. In the […]

Between Facts and Promises

You cannot expect from a child to be financially sustainable. Yet the next generation is a society’s biggest asset. Societies have early been mature enough to realize this and shape forms and structures (from families to student loans) to help children grow up and get educated, enabling them and the society at large to reach […]

Ramblings from İstanbul — Εις την Πόλην

I recently returned from a trip in wonderful Istanbul, I spent three days there. It was my first time in the city that used to be called ‘the City’ before NYC existed and my second time in Turkey, so I’d like to put here some rough thoughts of mine, next to some amateurish photos. First, […]

On fundraising — A misconception

In my short career, I’m privileged enough to get in contact with a number of people in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. With most of them being aspiring or already in the game entrepreneurs, a common question that arises is -no surprise here- how to raise money. That’s more than fine, and it’s actually part of […]

A Small Market’s Perils

The core problem of a small market is, well, it’s size. I’d personally call it as one of the two major problems of the local business ecosystem, with the latter being the risk-avert mentality. Let’s keep risk phobia out of the picture for now; I’d like to dig a bit further into the market size […]

The 3 Essentials to Start-up

With all the buzz, chatter and meta-discussions of what it takes to build a great company, aspiring entrepreneurs end up to exaggerate the ‘prerequisites’ and magnify the skills, capacities and luck needed to an extra-terrestial level, after all being more avert or frightened than excited to start-up. While there are no universal laws applicable when […]