On Conviction

Things take time, facts are the last to take shape. Yet there are times when you believe in something for a fact. Evidence may not be in place, but you are perfectly sure what to do next. If it really feels right, then it probably is. This is what you call conviction.

You can’t make it on demand; it’s a long, painful way to end up there. You need to fully get both the problem and the context, to have a deep understanding of both what it takes and what it gives. No advice or mentor can really help, you cannot outsource what you need to own.

Please, don’t fool yourself you can fake it. When it’s there, it speaks by itself; when it’s not, it’s a really bad joke. Yet you don’t need to rush with things, you will be the first to know anyway.

You may not be ready to properly communicate it, all arguments may not be already in place. Even so, people will see it in your eyes and they will get it, you will be able to rally them around you purely on its basis.

You will feel it doesn’t matter if what it calls up to has not been done before or what others have to say. It may still be of great risk, but you’ll have no doubts; when you’ll get there make no delay and act on it.

Eventually, it is the state-to-be. And, make no mistake, more often than not, it is it that matters the most; not your decisions per se, but the intensity, the speed and strength that you go after them.

Conviction is your friend.

  • http://porcupinecolors.com/ porcupine

    What if switch the word “conviction” with “instinct”?
    I think instinct works the way you describe here more or less. And it is very powerful, doesn’t need proof to work and more often than not it can be trusted.

  • http://gtziralis.com George Tziralis

    Yanni, thank you for your comment. The difference may be subtle, but to me conviction is much stronger than instinct; the latter often signals a lack of interest in arguments and reasoning, while the first serves as the precursor of them.

  • Alexandra Sigala

    imho, hands down the best blog post you ‘ve written.

  • http://gtziralis.com George Tziralis

    Thanks Alex

  • http://astithas.blogspot.com past

    I assume you’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink? If not, it looks like you’ll love it!

  • http://gtziralis.com George Tziralis

    I have and I did, even if it was a few years ago ;) Thanks Pano.