On Conviction

Things take time, facts are the last to take shape. Yet there are times when you believe in something for a fact. Evidence may not be in place, but you are perfectly sure what to do next. If it really feels right, then it probably is. This is what you call conviction. You can’t make […]

Κλασσικός Μαραθώνιος

Ξεκίνησα να τρέχω πριν 5-6 χρόνια. Είχα κόψει μετά από καιρό το γυμναστήριο και το σώμα μου αναζητούσε διέξοδο από την καθημερινή διαδρομή κρεββάτι-κάθισμα αυτοκινήτου-κάθισμα γραφείου και πάλι πίσω. Ένα απόγευμα δεν άντεξα άλλο και πήγα στον στίβο του Ελ Πάσο στην Καλλιθέα. Νομίζω έβγαλα τρεις γύρους πριν κουραστώ και βαρεθώ μαζί. Που και που, […]

Memory is a Skill of the Past

I spent a couple of hours playing Trivial Pursuit with some friends today. After very many years since the last time I played, it felt, well, slow and dull, but also somehow weird. This is an attempt to elaborate on some reasons why. Trivial Pursuit is a board game in which progress is determined by […]

An Event’s Essence

What really matters is getting people together. A couple of days ago, we hosted the 50th Open Coffee event in Athens. It has been a wonderful ride since that June 2007 afternoon, full of positive energy and special gifts. I am taking this opportunity to take a step back and share some insights, which might […]

On Listening

There is a fundamental correlation between progress and your capacity to listen. By listening, I’m not referring to following what you are being told, quite the opposite. I’m referring to getting the most that you can —thoughts, experiences, knowledge, advice— from as many people as you have access to that might have something interesting to […]

From Doer to Leader

Getting from a couple of entrepreneurs to a team of 5 or 20 employees is one of the most difficult tasks startup founders are facing. I call this the transition from being a doer to becoming a manager and then, eventually, a leader. In this post, I will try to provide some reasons why, next […]

Ramblings from İstanbul — Εις την Πόλην

I recently returned from a trip in wonderful Istanbul, I spent three days there. It was my first time in the city that used to be called ‘the City’ before NYC existed and my second time in Turkey, so I’d like to put here some rough thoughts of mine, next to some amateurish photos. First, […]


Spreading thoughts and ideas on doing business and running a business serves as a driving factor for the ecosystem to grow, and that’s what a couple of friends aim to trigger with a new collaborative blog. The attempt goes under the name Manylogue and envisions to become what I’d describe as the equivalent of Harvard […]

Authority, and it’s limit

Reason, that is. Back in ancient times, the classical period arose when the authority of god was displaced by reason. Today, we are lucky to have almost gotten rid of the first, in the context of business at least. However, the very problem of authority versus reason is still there, taking various forms to influence […]

A good read

We live in social times, yet text triumphs over speech. You feel more connected to more friends of yours than ever before. Still, SMS, e-mail and facebook tend to fully replace your good old habits of phone calls, or even physical meet-ups, too. You don’t look out for news anymore; news now find you. In […]