I have founded a couple of companies, and I take pride in failing both times. I learned a lot and hopefully built character through these experiences, I consider myself an entrepreneur. I am now attempting to help great people avoid the various mistakes I’ve made, by serving as a co-founding partner in the Openfund, which is my full time job since 2010.

Together with Efthimios Mpothos, I co-founded and served as CEO of AskMarkets. In June 2007, we founded the company to host our work and passion, while leveraging our research findings, with the single aim of providing innovative, off-the-shelf information marketplaces as a service. We happened to be one of the very few enterprise vendors around the globe providing similar services. You may get more information at the official website, or find out more about our services, and the company’s story in our blog.

Another entrepreneurial venture of mine was MineKnowledge. Together with a number of my students at NTUA, in late 2008 we set up a vehicle to provide highly customized data mining services. The company attracted a number of high-end clients, turning big data to actionable insights. You may find out more in our website.

Websource.it was a weekend project that might still be fun to use.