In Quest of Innovation — A Practical Guide

I gave a short talk a week ago trying to address the question of how to become innovative. I tried to sum up and put in a few slides some very basic thoughts of mine out of my very limited experience thus far, and came up with a pretty rough -if not hasty- presentation. To […]

Incredible India

Let me start with this. Incredible is a vast understatement. I happened to spend about a week in India, given the chance of a friend’s wedding. I mostly spent my time in Delhi, also visiting the cities of Agra and Jaipur. As expected, the trip turned out to be quite of an experience, to say […]

11100 (28)

You guessed it right, it’s my birthday today, a day when famously continuous evolvements are celebrated as incremental ones. And it’s not that I’m feeling older or anything like that, after all I’m yet at the beginning of almost everything I ever pursued. But, let’s face it, abdominal muscles and hair are gradually getting fewer, […]

2009, in retrospective

It’s already 20-10, but, to repeat last year’s personal annual report I thought of value, I’m trying here to summarize the most important of my professional activities that took place during 2009. The very limited posts that appeared in this blog didn’t help that much, so I decided to move on to twitter, and search […]

Who I endorse in Greek elections, and why

I consider myself as being far from a typical supporter of any political party (actually I dislike the notion of being a fan in any context), and in fact I’ve voted for three different parties in my short career as a voter so far. To be honest, I do not even “believe” in a single […]

On Ideas and their Value

A recent tweet of mine may deserve some proper discussion, let me elaborate it here a little bit more: Let me also state that this is not a ground breaking discovery whatsoever, but it may help you put things into the right perspective and focus where you need to, especially if you are an aspiring […]

Switched to WordPress

Tumblr is uber-sexy and it had served me pretty well so far. But my homepage was way more than obsolete, and I am getting used to the capacity and flexibility of the WordPress platform (administering 4 WP blogs, if I remember well). Add these to the greek easter “holidays”, and what you have is a […]

My humble activity report for 2008

The last day of the year is a good chance to review what you did and what you didn’t, helping you shape out tangible plans for the year to come. I’ll try to do so in the lines to follow, based on the sparse 35 posts I happened to post in this blog during 2008. […]