On fundraising — A misconception

In my short career, I’m privileged enough to get in contact with a number of people in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. With most of them being aspiring or already in the game entrepreneurs, a common question that arises is -no surprise here- how to raise money. That’s more than fine, and it’s actually part of […]

A Small Market’s Perils

The core problem of a small market is, well, it’s size. I’d personally call it as one of the two major problems of the local business ecosystem, with the latter being the risk-avert mentality. Let’s keep risk phobia out of the picture for now; I’d like to dig a bit further into the market size […]

The 3 Essentials to Start-up

With all the buzz, chatter and meta-discussions of what it takes to build a great company, aspiring entrepreneurs end up to exaggerate the ‘prerequisites’ and magnify the skills, capacities and luck needed to an extra-terrestial level, after all being more avert or frightened than excited to start-up. While there are no universal laws applicable when […]

VC 101 – Getting to Know

The most analytical yet lean 101 text on venture capital investing I was lucky to discover so far is the exceptional MSc Thesis of Shikhir Singh at Cass Business School back in 2005, entitled as “Structuring Venture Capital Deals”. Firstly, I’d like to highly recommend it to all of you who would like to have […]