Raising a Seed Round – The Spreadsheet

A deck of slides and a spreadsheet are usually sufficient to raise a seed round. The deck has received a lot of attention; there is a great variety of quality resources out there on how to go after it. Here, I’ll focus on the spreadsheet, which has mostly gone unnoticed. This is an attempt to […]

Some Notes on How to Present Your Startup

Presenting in front of people is hard. Being an entrepreneur and making your idea look simple is also genuinely difficult. Here is a rough structure that may help when presenting to potential users and partners or the general public. – Maria (photo) is a (…) and spends (time/money) doing (…). {problem — it is important […]

First Things First

The public discourse in startup land has recently focused on the value add an investor can bring to the table. Value add indeed does make a difference; at the same time though, we tend to neglect the original value an early stage investor contributes to a company. This post is an attempt to bring the […]

Building Investor Relationships

The tasks of a CEO are essentially three; a) to shape the vision of the company, b) to hire and manage the right people to execute it, and c) to bring in the required resources for the team to execute the vision. In the case of startups the latter typically refers to venture capital, and […]

A Primer on VC Economics

The underlying economics of a venture capital fund probably stand as common knowledge to some of you, yet to many others they are not. This post is an attempt to summarise the basics, skipping out the details yet providing some context that may be of help in better understanding VC’s drivers and actions. In a […]

Building a Marketplace Business

Marketplaces stand as a frequent topic across our startup ecosystem. They also are a topic I have some exposure and experience at, if limited. Hereby I will attempt to share a part of such understanding, addressing some misconceptions I often get to encounter. First, a short and pretty rough definition. A marketplace is a business […]

On Valuations

Optimising for valuation is a strategic mistake for early-stage entrepreneurs. In my limited experience, many founders consider valuation their top priority, even at stages as early as seed. They tend to treat a working hypothesis as an end in itself and put effort on getting this assumption “right”, rather than making it work. I believe […]

From Doer to Leader

Getting from a couple of entrepreneurs to a team of 5 or 20 employees is one of the most difficult tasks startup founders are facing. I call this the transition from being a doer to becoming a manager and then, eventually, a leader. In this post, I will try to provide some reasons why, next […]

In Search For A Model

I have lately been a witness to a growing contradiction in the local startup ecosystem. With this post, I would like to call this discord out; I hope it might be of value. By nature, entrepreneurship (or life, if you will) is about finding the right balance in a growing variety of issues. In the […]

Between Facts and Promises

You cannot expect from a child to be financially sustainable. Yet the next generation is a society’s biggest asset. Societies have early been mature enough to realize this and shape forms and structures (from families to student loans) to help children grow up and get educated, enabling them and the society at large to reach […]