Tumblr is uber-sexy and it had served me pretty well so far. But my homepage was way more than obsolete, and I am getting used to the capacity and flexibility of the WordPress platform (administering 4 WP blogs, if I remember well). Add these to the greek easter “holidays”, and what you have is a brand new personal homepage and blog.


I’m using a slight modification of the enormous theme by -my favorite- upstart blogger, and I came up with a more-than-minimal theme, for which I’d like to hear your comments and further ideas (update: As of July 20, I’ve changed it to the WP Typo theme, I just love it’s typography). It is still a work under progress though; I haven’t yet managed to import the old disqus comments in each post (nevertheless I need to thank the disqus team for the excellent personal support), the content in the various pages is not completed, categories and other goodies are missing etc. But I think that the switch was more than needed and I feel pretty happy about it – and, who knows, I may blog more often now :)

PS: On a side note, I’m spending the following week in the Valley, speaking in an event on greek entrepreneurship at Stanford, so if you happen to be there and want to meetup, let me know.