Two days ago, we officially launched Openfund II, in front of a 400 people audience in Open Coffee Athens #51.

I feel blessed for having participated in the creation of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem since its very beginning. I believe the essential parts are now in place for our community to reach its potential.

I also feel blessed for my partners, and the trust that has been put on our team from an unexpected variety of sources. I think we bring together the required pedigree for facilitating the creation and growth of successful technology companies, and we really look forward towards that.

I’ll save the details on how to raise a technology oriented venture capital fund in a geography that lacks any relevant track record and is about to go bankrupt in the next day for another post.

Let me also make clear that —similar to a startup’s context, and we definitely are not far from that— raising a fund is not an end in itself and should not be considered a success. We treat this as nothing more than a humble milestone and we are already working towards the next one. Onwards.