Triggered by this post, I decided to try some more feedburns.

So, here I am:

  1. an rss feed on prediction markets: well, actually it’s just a google blogsearch query on “prediction markets” OR “information markets”, covering recent relevant blog posts and news, a feed formatted dynamic upgrade to an older attempt (inclusion of some lame posts should also be expected).
  2. an rss feed of blogs relevant to prediction markets: I declare the list of blogs included as extensive but not exhaustive, also many posts are naturally not directly related to the topic.
  3. an rss feed of blogs related to data mining: same considerations apply for this feed.
  4. an rss feed of my shared items in google reader: as I typically spent a considerable amount of time procrastivating in google reader, you may find my shared stuff interesting.

Other ideas are, as always, welcome.