The movement formalized in the two recent Open Coffee Club Athens meetings rapidly evolved into a more concrete scheme, aiming at giving shape and voice in the latent community of greek start-ups. The open collaborative blog just launched under a declarative text which I was privileged to contribute. A translation is provided hereafter.

The new Greek generation possesses abilities and knowledge, values and self-confidence, ideas and visions for their realization. We witness and celebrate the achievements of our days, the open information society, the collective character of the web, the global golden era of entrepreneurship. We consider ourselves bright, ambitious, with rosy prospects.

However, the latent period has been long enough. We are yet too mature to be just dreaming and – more importantly – realistically optimistic to start operating. From now on, we will view difficulties as challenges and the non-cultivated ground as source of opportunities. Let actions follow.

The document at hand represents the founding declaration of the Open Coffee Club Greece, the movement for (and by) Greek start-ups. By definition and nature, the movement is essentially characterized by openness and participation. Furthermore, we hope that it will act as support for, as well as trigger, all following actions:

  • create a network of people with common interests to support relationship building and collaboration
  • cultivate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • spread new technologies with an emphasis on the web

The movement took form during the two open meetings which realized on the 7 June and 10 July under the initiative of the Confederation of Junior Enterprises Jade Hellas.

From today onwards, the blog will be the voice of the movement, as long as it will host all developments in the area of start-ups and the Greek web in general.

I, George Tziralis, support this effort.
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