I’m too exhausted to write about anything but my excitement on participating at Startup Weekend Athens, as @andrewhyde said “the biggest SUW ever organized in Europe”. We set up a fantastic team by @kcorax, @dimitristi, @netwire, @ageor and @thimios and turned a rough idea (“friendfeed counter anyone?”) conceived about an hour before the event into a solid service and valuable offering, which you may better visualize as “PeopleRank”.

So, we eventually decided to go for computing the informational value a person has across various networks, in other words her global social impact factor. And we ended up creating a number of crawlers scanning all the relevant information we can get from popular social networks, a sophisticated algorithm to take into account all that information (giving it a second thought, I may say it’s pretty close to the concept of a customized pagerank, this time with people as nodes), also a capable web interface, next to the business model and plan and service’s presentation. 

I’m not that secure the social impact metric you’ll get right now won’t eventually harm our own reputation, but rest assured that our crawlers are up and running, so that the system accumulates wisdom next to storing data over time and will provide more accurate results every next time you try it.

You may find more details about the concept and its implementation in our presentation embedded below, but, no matter the details, let me say it again: It was a weekend of pure fun.

HowSocialRU Launch Presentation, Startup Weekend Athens

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(update) @dimitrisTI has more: Part I & Part II