A couple of days ago, George Kasselakis, Dimitris Athanasiadis and I had the privilege to lead a discussion at the Stream08 unconferene. Together with Jennifer Schenker of BusinessWeek, we attempted -quite successfully!- to trigger the conversation about innovation in Europe, trying to figure out some best practices for enabling entrepreneurship excellence.

The presentation is embedded below and we were lucky enough to get feedback from some very experienced european VCs and Tim O’Reilly, among others. Insights on which should be the steps to follow the apparent (but yet almost outward) success of Open Coffee in Greece were plenty (also Jeff Pulver contributed some very useful insights later on in the bar), however I do believe that your insights are equally valuable, so please contribute to the discussion here or in the original Open Coffee post.

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P.S.: On a side note, Jason Calacanis will attend and speak at Open Coffee Athens XV tomorrow, you just can’t miss that!

update: Jennifer Schenker’s piece on Stream08 and our session, available right in Business Week.