Today, my PhD graduation ceremony took place (no academic dress at NTUA, for good). I feel quite perplexed right now, in between of being relieved that this saga is finally over, humiliated for the time it took and at the same time happy for the outcome. In any case, here’s a long story short. I […]

An holistic approach to investment assessment

A paper I co-authored is finally published (in early view, .pdf) in the journal of Managerial and Decision Economics. Along with Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, Athanassios Rentizelas and my professor Ilias Tatsiopoulos, we proposed an holistic approach to investment assessment, a process of value that may be highlighted under the current economic situation. To make a long […]

Teaching Prediction Markets

I gave an introductory lecture on prediction markets earlier today, in the context of a undergraduate course in Logistics at NTUA’s School of Mechanical Engineering. The feedback and responses on running some hands-on experiments (you can guess the software) were really great, I expect that this will be repeated in a few days when I’m […]

Market-driven Innovation Management, from the inside in

I attach the presentation file, full paper and abstract of the work I presented earlier today at APMS 2008, here in beautiful Espoo, Finland. Your comments are welcome. Market Drive Innovation Management, from the inside in View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: tziralis predictionmarkets) abstract: Modern enterprises and organizations seem like market-agnostic, semi-permeable bubbles, in […]

A Course by Blog, Lessons Learned

cross posted at ‘A Course by Blog’ This semester, as you may know, I was privileged enough to teach (or, to be academically correct, to provide teaching assistance, but I truly thank my professor for entrusting me and giving me full freedom to handle everything by myself) the course ‘Information Extraction Algorithms’ -pure Data Mining in practice- […]

Presenting at the 3rd Workshop on Prediction Markets

I attended earlier today the 3rd Workshop on Prediction Markets, organized with the support of Yahoo Research at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in Chicago. The event managed to gather top-notch researchers and practitioners of the field from Japan till, well, Greece, and I really enjoyed the focus and depth of all presentations. […]