Triggered by the latest world-changing post by the start-up-artist Guy Kawasaki, I’d like to share some thoughts on the experience till now:

  • 0. Zero venture capitalists pitched, zero funding, zero debt created.
  • 0. Zero development cost, just the hands-on passionate work of us, the cofounders.
  • 450.80. The total amount of money spent on legal fees, etc. for launching the start-up in Athens. This is ground-breaking too, Greece is not usually considered as an oasis for entrepreneurs. My involvement in the Greek Federation of Junior Enterprises Jade Hellas has finally paid off.
  • 4. Years of PhD research invested on the subject, by both cofounders. I can assure you, they were fascinating. And, to me, neither academic career nor startupping should be an end it itself. As Steve Jobs quotes, you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking back.

What remains, is to assess the success and sustainability of a Web 2.0, user generated content, dead simple prediction markets site, when we finally get it launched, soon!