During the last months I was happy enough to envision and create from scratch, by working together with a few close friends, the Greek Federation of Junior Enterprises Jade Hellas.

The concept was simple: create a platform that will

  • inform greek youths on junior entrepreneurship and motivate further interest
  • bring together people with common start-up interests and trigger potential synergies
  • create a one-stop shop of information regarding start-up needs and processes, while simplifying the necessary steps to launch and operate, minimizing relevant costs and deploying best practices
  • create a dynamic network of junior enterprises, as long as a network of organizations and enterprises that are willing to support junior enterprises

The efforts, together with the virtues of little time available and no financing, resulted in the launch of JadeHellas.eu. The portal comprises an attempt to orchestrate all of the above (though yet in early beta and only in Greek) and it has already triggered significant interest, while a new incubator service is to be released soon.

Serving as COO, I also had the chance to co-edit Buck Up,the Magazine of Jade Hellas, which second volume is out today (also in Greek) and gave me occasion for this post.