I locate myself among those people who fundamentally believe that, if I want to feel good, or ‘happy’, I can admit that I’m not liable, or relevant with anything around me; but, if I really want to change things, or the world in general, I need to understand that I’m the liable, therefore powerful, one.

I’m not the only who thinks so. Modern physics introduces chaos as the most descriptive theory of our world. ‘The flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil sets off a tornado in Texas’, describes. In other words, the last time you used your car instead of public transport to move around (I bet that this was today, for me, at least, this is an inconvenient truth), an iceberg melt and your grandchildren lost the opportunity to see the last living panda.

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We used to outsource our liabilities and actions to governments and enterprises, just assessing their results, but we’re not understanding that by this we sacrifice our potentials, too. And these are really great. If an enterprise usually spends 10 times the amount of money invested in an eco-friendly technology to just advertise this upgrade, then please consider the impact of your choices. And act accordingly.

It’s not about Kyoto protocol, G8 or Forbes 100, sustainable revolutions¬† rise from the bottom-up. If we want a greener planet, we need to start from ourselves. Today. Tornados have no option but follow.