The Institute of Prediction Markets

Chris Masse echoes my proposal on the need for an Open Institute of Prediction Markets: We need an Open Institute of Prediction Markets set up by prediction market scholars and/or practitioners, following a lot of successful and effective examples, like the International Institute of Forecasters.

My literature review on prediction markets now officially available

I’m happy to report that the first issue of The Journal of Prediction Markets is now publicly available. In the issue you can find an extended literature review on prediction markets by me, covering 155 papers from 1990 till 2006. The review also presents a classification scheme of the literature, while testifies the emerging nature …

prediction markets news roll

I created a news roll for prediction markets, using the delicate google ajax search api. The api still lacks some basic functionality (for example ‘show previous items’), but I think that the results are interesting, while the recency of them could serve as a proof of the topic’s growth.


Well, I’m not sure that I’m right now able to spend the needed time to  blog seriously, but I love to try. After all, the more-than-cute tumblr looks ideal for sparse posts. I also haven’t decided yet for the actual topic cloud of this log. I suppose that it will just cover my  running interests. …